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Adjust Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

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Welcome to Your New Safe Space

Candid interviews explore confronting trauma, redefining purpose, nurturing mental health and self-acceptance.

Free resources like guides, toolkits and events cultivate resilience on your healing journey.

About Adjusting

With your Host Justin G.

This podcast is all about the journey of healing, growth and self-discovery. It's called Adjusting, and it's going to be a space for candid conversations and inspiring affirmations to help navigate life's inevitable changes and transitions.

Whether you're recovering from trauma, redefining your purpose, managing mental health, or simply craving more authenticity - this show is for you. We'll get raw and real about confronting struggles, while motivating you to adjust your mindset every step of the way.


I'll be bringing on amazing guests to share their own stories of resilience and reinvention. You'll hear practical tools for adjusting to your most empowered self through self-love, vulnerability and courage.


This is about tuning into what your soul has been calling you towards. It's your weekly reminder that adjusting your life is possible with an open heart and mindset.

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Adjusting Podcast is NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.
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